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"The Xuanmen thing is left to the Xuanmen people to solve it themselves. Why are you and I mixed with this? I buried weapons in the Dragon and Tiger Mountain and hid a few jars of wine. If you can still hold on tonight, we won’t get drunk."

"I’m fine. I’m afraid you can persist in this injury."
"Ha, ha, ha, worry about yourself. I will lay down my life for you even if I can’t today."
Gu Xiaotian and Yue Leiting walked out of the courtyard step by step. Behind them was a long trail of blood, which fell to the ground like blossoming peach blossoms, but there were two words in my heart.
Wait until the two of them left the courtyard and others’ eyes came back to me. Specifically, Yu Gui in my hand. I changed back to the focus of attention. Wei Yong took a step forward slowly. Qin Yi and Xu Fu each paused for a moment.
In the end, Xu Fu’s face will not pin his hopes on Qin. I can get to this point today, and Qin has made great contributions. No matter from one angle, he will be on my side.
Now the remaining key is Xu Fu, who can control the outcome of this competition. Wei Yong’s face is very polite.
"Brother Xu has both ability and political integrity. Among the four of me, Brother Xu is the only one who talks about Taoism and Dharma. In the past, the princess of the four of me highly praised Brother Xu. Today, if you and I join hands with Brother Xu, the princess will return to the world just around the corner. I wonder what Brother Xu thinks?"
"This dragon and tiger mountain realized nothing for thousands of years, that is, they repeatedly thought about what they had done before for several times." Xu Fu’s Taoist ceremony asked Wei Yong’s courtesy in a calm voice. "There is one thing that my foolish brother Lu Blunt counted among me. You are exquisite and intelligent, and you have always wanted to ask for advice face to face."
"…" Wei Yong paused for a moment when he saw Xu Fu’s irrelevant answer. He smiled and replied, "Brother Xu’s polite advice is even unbearable. Brother Xu, please go ahead?"
"Were we really right in the past?"
"…" Wei Yong’s leng was longer this time. Perhaps he didn’t expect Chui Fu to ask this question. Listening to Chui Fu’s tone was as full of guilt and regret as when he first saw me that day, but I believe this is definitely not what Wei Yong wants to hear. "Brother Xu made this remark. You and I are both sinners. Now we can make amends. It’s better to help the great cause with the same spirit before asking Brother Xu, are we wrong?"
☆, Chapter one hundred Same-door friendship
I frowned. I didn’t understand what Wei Yong said. The battle of offering sacrifices to the palace was a regicide and rebellion. At that time, Wei Yong said that the four of them were sinners, but Wei Yong would never admit that he was wrong, let alone admit it in front of me.
Then what is the fact that the so-called sinner in his mouth refers to? I don’t know what happened in the sacrificial palace. Wei Yong should not tell me that Xu Fu has completely avoided this matter except guilt and regret, even Qin finished it in front of me.
"What’s wrong?" Xu Fu took a deep breath and looked up at Wei Yong. "You and I are both scholars. Destiny is hard to bully. These four words should be better than anyone else to understand the same destiny and the trend of the times. Have you ever thought that I am going against the sky!"
"Brother Xu … you" Wei Yong’s face is invisible, and there is a sharp refusal in his calm and deep eyes. "Dare to ask Brother Xu, is it Xu Fu, a servant of Chu or Xu Fu, a deceased Qin Chen?"
"It seems that you still don’t understand the trend of the times. The rise of the Qin Emperor was doomed long ago. The Chu people destroyed the country and the mountains and rivers were torn apart. But isn’t it what you expected to see when he fought in the six countries every year?" Xu Fu calmly looked at Wei Yong and never forced him to answer, "Qin Huang swept the Liuhe Pingtian Sihai to return to the heart. Isn’t it what Heaven expects you and I to learn good words, benevolence and benevolence first, and it is your so-called right to see all the people in hell?"
"Who killed Qin and destroyed Chu, the capital of the country, and ruined the city? Now I can’t imagine that Brother Xu has forgotten it completely." Wei Yong is now angry and looks at Xu Fuda coldly and says, "Although Chu died three times, Qin Bichu branded the oath and hatred in the blood of every Chu people. I dare not forget the slightest bit of it for thousands of years. Brother Xu’s clean cultivation and enlightenment are really impressive. Even the hatred of the country and the enemy can be forgotten completely."
What they argue seems too far away and irrelevant to me, but I really don’t like Wei Yong’s aggressiveness now.
"What is your choice?"
I didn’t say this. I just said what Ying Zheng told me from my mouth. Almost three people in the courtyard looked at me at the same time. Wei Yong’s face was written with anger. Chui Fu’s consciousness was respectful and agreed, while Qin was behind me. I couldn’t see his expression.
"Qin Huang Wen Tao Wu lve is more than just waiting for ordinary people to make a difference. In the past years, Qin Huang did not hesitate to bear the burden of the eternal tyrant’s name, pacify the sky, slaughter the army and the people, and deter the people. Although the sky is not a kingly place, those who achieve great things are informal. In fact, Qin Huang is the truth that it takes thousands of years for me to save the world and all the people."
Chui fook said sincere facts: I defined Ying Zheng for a long time, but I was also a tyrant. This two word was wandering in vain, and it was only after his words that I slowly changed. But I still think that Ying Zheng whitewashed it and made excuses and reasons for myself, but I didn’t expect Chui fook to agree with it.
"It seems that I can’t call you brother anymore." Wei Yong looked at the gospel of Xu coldly. "You are a servant of Chu. Now it’s unjust for the princess to worship you. You keep saying that he is a thief of many dissenting Confucian officials. Xu Fu is heartless. His subjects are piled up in the city, and his enemies hate you for forgetting everything. It’s not good for Xu Fu. You ignore this Millennium enlightenment of Dragon and Tiger Mountain and are still full of benevolence and morality. I am ashamed to be with you."
Wei Yong hopes to look back from Xu Fu’s face. As a result, it is obvious that Xu Fu has no intention to help him. It seems that I once thought it was extremely difficult, and the Xuanmen competition seems to be simple and easy.
I didn’t even look at Wei Yong. He is no longer alone. He took a step towards me. He has a cold light flashing in his hand. It looks familiar to me. If I guess correctly, it should be the last of the four instruments.
Haoqiong sword
Wei Yong’s multiplier saw him take out the multiplier for the first time, and now I’m afraid he knows that I’m no longer alone. When Wei Yong took out the Haoqiong sword, Chui Fu also took a step forward and just blocked Wei Yong and me.
"We’ve already missed a necessary time, and it’s hard to deceive you again. After all, what you did was against the sky. You and I couldn’t do it a thousand years ago. Do you think it’s possible now?" Xu Fu also tried to persuade Wei Yong.
"So me and killing this tyrant must try to beat you, right?" Wei Yonggen ignored chui fook words a serious question.
"You and I have the same friendship. I don’t want to fight with you. It’s a thousand-year-old people. Now Mu Shimei can’t make this sophisticated friendship, leaving you two. You will be obsessed with it again." Chui fook sighed and sounded very dim.
"Fellowship … ha ha" Wei Yong sneer at a contemptuous look at the front of Xu Fu "My mind is made up and I won’t change your mind for a thousand years. If you still read any fellowship, you want to cultivate yourself and never bother you. Now, if you have left many dissenters in your eyes … The princess said that I am the best in the four people’s theory of Taoism, you will ask for advice today."
Chui fook didn’t answer, but his hands were drooping, and his fingers had each clamped a golden symbol. The symbol of the symbol represents the holder’s Tao.
There are five types of symbols in color: gold, silver, purple, blue and yellow. At the same time, the caster is also required to consume the highest skill. Silver, purple, blue and yellow are the lowest power, which is also the most common symbol.
Most Taoist priests can usually stay in their life because of their understanding. If the high-level symbol is forced to be used, the method will be used in most cases because of lack of mana. If it is a coincidence, the magic of the symbol will be madly countered. Those who are light will be disordered in meridians, and those who are paraplegic will bleed to death on the spot.
I’ve seen Qin’s charm is silver, so he can control the golden charm, while Xu Fu is the golden charm. Although he didn’t say a word, he told Wei Yong about his final decision.
It seems that Xu Fu Daofa is not as humble as others. Even Wei Yong’s eyes fell on his hand, and there was a little panic in the corner of his eyes. Wei Yong suddenly asked thoughtfully
"What is your legal office?"
"anping princess"
"You are a princess’s younger brother, and now the princess’s method to prevent her from entering the WTO is so unkind and unjust that I’m afraid it’s not worthy of your word Tianshi."
"Don’t bother you to worry that you are exquisite and thoughtful. Since I can do this, I don’t know that you will ask this question." Chui fook’s expression, two fingers pick up the golden ofuda and stick it on his left shoulder. I was surprised by what he painted. I was trying to stop Chui fook from burning the golden ofuda on his shoulders without hesitation. Chui fook immediately shouted.
The explosion came from Chui Fu’s shoulder, and dancing in the night wind was blood fog. Behind me, Chui Fu felt a thin warm current scattered on his face, and his hand touched blood.
Chui fook’s left shoulder was burst alive, and the blood poured out from the broken arm like a spring. His yellow cassock was soaked with blood and spread like ink, which was shocking to people.
"The princess has a broken arm today, and she is also a master and servant. She has realized two words in a thousand years. One is guilty of what Xu Fu did today, and the other is kind-hearted. If you can beat me, Xu Fu will avoid the world and stop asking about the world. If you are defeated by me today, Xu Fu will be born in the princess. Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety have been difficult. When you imitate Mu Shimei, you will become yin and yang!"
I have met Xu Fu twice, which gives me the feeling that he is humble, peaceful and gentle as jade. I didn’t expect him to be so strong-willed, even Wei Yong, who is opposite, didn’t move.
Wei Yong looks at his broken arm. A conceited man like him now has a little admiration in his eyes, but after all, he is the enemy but he will refuse.
"Well, you said that destiny can’t deceive you today, so I’ll just wipe my eyes and see who goes against the sky."
Wei Yong raised Hao Qiong’s sword, and nine days of hidden dragon definitely resonated in my ear. I suddenly remembered what Wei Yong was forced to do by knowing that he had no chance of winning before Chui Fu. Chui Fu had long thought about this situation.
It’s Wei Yong. He’s Ying Zheng’s nine-day hidden dragon, but he keeps trying to kill me, and so am I. Ying Zheng’s benevolence and righteousness forced Xu Fu to break his hand. Then he’s nine-day hidden dragon, and as I was about to open his mouth, he was pulled from behind by Qin.
"Brother Xu is a virtuous man. You expect that I would rather be negative than negative. Like Brother Xu, Wei Yong is too overestimated. He is a hero and will know how to write the word benevolence and righteousness. He won’t and never will."
☆, Chapter one hundred and one Master afraid.
I’ve been looking at the Haoqiong sword in Wei Yong’s hand and thinking to myself, if my dragon and tiger mountain finally kills Wei Yong, then this sword in his hand is the last piece of puzzle in the nine-day hidden dragon of the epic theology, and I will gather together to claim the magical power of heaven and earth.
As a matter of fact, I believe it won’t be too long before this Haoqiong sword is returned to its original owner. Even if Xu Fu breaks his arm, it can be said that the Tao can not be underestimated. Besides, Wei Yong and I have been on hold all the time. To tell the truth, I really haven’t looked forward to it now. I didn’t expect it to be such a dramatic scene. Once I sacrificed the palace to ambush Ying Zheng’s four brothers. If Mu Xixi’s snow counts, three people turned against Wei Yong. It’s insane that he wanted to fight against the three of us by himself.
Chui fook broke his arm and gushed out blood. If he stops bleeding from time to time, I’m worried that his Tao may not be lost to Wei Yong, but all his efforts are short of him. Chui fook seems to have lost blood by accident. This quiet courtyard is particularly clear as his life gradually dies from his body. Timer.
But he didn’t strike first, just like his humility, even if he fought for life and death, he wouldn’t be opportunistic. Perhaps that’s the difference between hero and lean, but the game between the two often leads to the last laugh because the former is magnanimous and the latter is unscrupulous. One values the process and the other values the result.