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Snow running all the way and I went through a jungle and a river bank in tandem, and then we saw an archway and a huge pass standing high in the distance!

The door is vigorous and powerful, and the three characters "Ghost Gate" are written on it!
"It’s finally here!" Snow White gasped, "It’s not easy for a fool to see the ghost gate?"
"See see! Who can’t see the big three words? " I said, "Can you stop calling me an idiot? Not only did I see the ghost gate, but I also saw the heavy guards! "
"Nonsense, of course, must be guarded by all the soldiers!" Snow White said, "If I tell you the truth, I’m afraid I’ll scare you! But I’ll tell you the truth. You’ve been here for a while, and you know about this ghost gate. There are ten ghost kings in total before and after, and each ghost king is in command, and there are 1000 ghost soldiers defending this ghost gate! After all, there are strict barriers and unbreakable walls! No matter which ghost comes here, it must be checked first. The guards will see if the ghost has access first! If there is no way to lead the horse, arrest it and send it to the cow’s head and horse’s face for review! "
Chapter 30 Access Guide
After hearing what Snow White said, I immediately craned my neck to see the ghost gate. There were countless ghosts moving back and forth. All the ghosts were bustling and noisy. All the ghosts were holding a piece of yellow paper in their hands and scrambling to pass it to the Yin soldiers guarding the ghost gate!
And those Yin soldiers will only let those ghosts go after carefully examining the yellow paper!
I stretched my head and looked at it for a long time, but it was an exception!
Although it seems that there are many ghosts in the past and they are extremely busy, this inspection worker is still carried out in an orderly manner by Yin soldiers, and there is no fish exposed to the net!
I can’t help feeling and being surprised!
It’s a pity that this Yin and Yang have all kinds of bad habits, such as corruption, lawlessness, cruelty and lewdness of officials, but the work efficiency is obviously much better than that of Yang!
I’m surprised that I’m so strict. How can I get by?
I couldn’t help asking Snow White, "Do I need directions to cross this ghost gate?"
"Nonsense again," Snow White said. "Didn’t you stretch your neck to see it? Which of those ghosts who have passed through the ghost gate didn’t take the road guide? "
"All taken" I said.
Snow White glanced at me and said, "Of course you have to take it."
I panicked and said, "But I don’t have a guide."
"You can break in," Snow White said. "If you can defeat ten demons or capture one of them, you can kill them! What’s the way to lead? There was a spectre who did it that year. "
"really?" I was pleasantly surprised and said, "What about those demons? Are you tall? "
Snow White said, "These ten ghost kings are also one of the top ten Yin Shuai, and they are the best of all the ghost kings. Every ghost king has stepped into the sacred realm with one foot at the mature stage. You can estimate whether you are high or not."
My face to detain a heavy way "snow can you stop teasing me all the time? How does this make me embarrassed? "
"All right!" Snow White said, "It’s okay to make a joke once in a while to adjust the atmosphere."
"Ah?" I asked suspiciously, "Where?"
"Well, isn’t it?" Snow White touched out a piece of yellow paper from her sleeve, which was three feet long and two feet wide!
As soon as I took it in my hand, I saw a big word written on the front, which read "feng du Day, Yamaraja the Great sent Lu Yin"!
There is also a big word written on the back, which reads "Heaven and man must have this guide to reincarnate in Fengdu and ascend to heaven"!
There are three blood-red seals on the surface, namely "Yan Luowang Tianbao", "feng du County Grandfather" and "Ghost King of KaoCheating Department"!
Snow White said, "Haven’t you seen this thing? After the death of a man, the soul is hooked by a black-and-white ghost or a ghost, and it must be sent to the cheating department. After the cheating department, the ghost king makes an investigation to determine that there are no ten layers of hell souls, and then the road leads the dead to the ghost gate. Only when there are no mistakes can they enter. "
I took the road guide and wondered, "Where did this road guide come from? I’m not often haunted by black and white, and I’m not caught by their Yin soldiers. "
"It’s Sima Mao, the night watchman, who asked the Ghost King, the cheating department, to take it from the Ghost King." Snow White said, "Just send it to you!"
"Alas ….." I sighed, "How can I repay you after the protector Chen and Lord Sima helped me so much?"
"Being a good person after going back is a reward!" Snow White said, "Although I don’t know what it took Chen Dharma to protect you from going back to Yang, Chen Dharma must not have been joking on a whim, let alone accepting a bribe to give you a back door. You may have something big in Cindy Yang!"
I silently thought about it. It seems that I am dealing with the five elements in the sun, right?
Thought of here, I took a deep breath and said, "Snow White, let’s go! Let’s hurry before it’s too late! "
"What’s the hurry? !” Snow White said, "Wait!"
I said, "What are you waiting for?"
Snow White said, "Liu Changfeng, when they go to find you, it must be that you want to go through the ghost gate. Maybe now they will go to the ghost gate to search for you! Aren’t you going to trap yourself at this time and wait to be caught? Let’s just hide here and wait for Liu Changfeng to come back before we go. "
Snow White says it makes sense, so I can listen to it.
At the same time, I secretly admire this girl from my heart, but everything is better than I think!
Take your time and be resourceful, even though your mouth hurts a little …